Fishing with Live Bait

Many people make the decision not to fish with live baitfish because of two main reasons, which are the facts these fish can be messy and have a terrible smell. If an individual can overcome these two problems they have the opportunity to begin a new era in their fishing career that will include having a better chance of catching more fish on a regular basis. 

Deciding to start fishing with live bait is a different option than looking to become experienced in goldfish care as the baitfish must be preserved in the best possible way to make sure the larger fish is attracted to the bait. A good first rule to follow is never to handle a baitfish when the hands are dry as they are equipped with a slimy layer covering the scales which is the main attraction for the majority of those species being fished; it is important to remember to preserve all baitfish in the best possible way to ensure they are an attractive option for fish while on an outdoor activity. Whether caring for baitfish in an aquarium or in buckets, the baitfish should be handled carefully and never baited through the eye. If a fish is to be attracted to the live bait each fish must move in as normal a way as possible as the line and sinker allow the baitfish to move in a more natural way.

Different baits become popular at different times of the year as the Summer months can often see many anglers seeking out the highest quality shrimp and croaker available to attract as many fish as possible. One area where an angler can have an impact on the numbers caught is by making sure they are using a bait not used by the majority of anglers in the Summer months; many fish will look for a different bait when the waters are being flooded by large numbers of shrimp and croaker are flooding the waters.

Fishing with live bait is a good option and can create a new level of success when a few small tips are used to make sure even baitfish that have died are preserved and used on the same day as they become deceased. One option is to use a salt water conditioner used in aquarium tanks to make sure all baitfish remain as happy and healthy as possible in buckets or when stored at home before heading out for a fishing trip.

Carla Arbuckle
Carla Arbuckle

Carla is a staff writer for and She is an avid outdoors enthusiast and photographer. She can be found most weekends fishing and exploring the wilderness.