Learn How to Fly Fishing Experts Read the Water

There is a saying in fly fishing that you must learn how to fly fishing experts read the water. This simply means the more information you have about a subject the more you understand it and it becomes a lot more interesting. There is so much information about fly fishing below by the time you are done reading your will have a much greater understanding of the subject. 

Depending on the current season and the conditions of the water, fish exhibit different behaviors. The conditions include the volume of the water, the weather conditions, and the temperature of the water. You must learn how to correctly read the waters when you are fishing to become successful at fly fishing. As you gain experience you will discover different ways to read the water you are fishing in. During a period when fish are not feeding you can still encourage them to strike if the pocket of water is deep enough. When the fish are feeding they can usually be found in pockets of moderate water and the shoreline of run pools. 

You need to learn about the water before you are fly fishing in the middle of the water. Keep reading to gain valuable experience about the water while the information is still free. Water chemistry is incredibly important regarding the health of the fish. The location you can find the fish also plays a big part whether you will succeed in catching a big fish. One of the most critical aspects is the ph. in the water chemistry. Science has defined ph. as the negativity of the log molar concentration of the hydronium ions located within the water. Simply put this means the level of basicity or acidity within the water. The typical scale for measuring ph. Is one to fourteen. When the ph. Is seven the level is neutral. When the number is less than seven the water is acidic and when the number is above seven the water is basic. 

Most fish have a tolerance for a wide range of ph. in the water. This is because this is where they live and they can regulate their internal levels for ph. This is possible because fish are constantly adjusting the ratio of acids and bases in their systems. They make these adjustments by getting rid of any excess acids contained in their urine and using control when breathing. The faster a fish is breathing the faster carbon dioxide is released from their blood. This causes the level of ph. in their blood to rise. The constant regulation of their system eventually tires the fish when they live too long in an environment that is too basic or acidic. Eventually they can no longer regulate their system chemistry and they will no longer feed and die. 

Understand the details of fly fishing can be difficult but consider the information above and remember the saying learn how to fly fishing experts read the water. There is no doubt once you understand the information you can become an excellent fly fisherman.

Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

Joshua is our senior staff writer for Fishing.org and Shooting.org. He is an avid hunter, clay shooter and amateur photographer.