Sport Fishing In Maui

Sport fishing in Maui is an absolute must. Hawaii has a reputation for being a paradise for fishermen and it is the mecca of anglers. Anglers come from across the globe to experience the excitement and thrill of sport fishing in Hawaii. Whether you are planning to take a fishing holiday in Maui with your friends, your family, or alone, you will find exceptional fishing. The marine life is diverse and abundant and you can hook a big one.

Hawaii is surrounded with blue tropical waters full of big game fish. You are going to want to get your tackle on these fish. The biggest blue marlin ever caught with a rod and reel weighed an astonishing 2000 pounds. Any fisherman would consider that a major catch. This catch may be rare but there are so many blue marlins along with other species of fish to provide an exceptional challenge. Sport fishing in Maui is world class fishing and your best possible choice. You know you will get some good action when you cast your rod because of all the big game fish in the water. There is no fishing vacation better than the one you spend in Hawaii. 

The unspoiled and natural scenery combined with the crystal-clear waters of Hawaii offer a fishing holiday where you can relax and enjoy yourself. The waters of Maui are always warm so you can go fishing all year long and whatever catch you are looking for can be found in Maui. Whether you want to catch striped marlin, blue marlin, yellow fin tuna, or Mahi, you will have fun fishing for hours. 

Most of the operators of the charters do not even require a fishing license because they provide one for you. They have options including private charters and sharing a boat for individuals who want to save some money. The private charter is best if your group contains at least four members of your family or friends. If your party only consists of one or two people sharing a boat is an excellent option and will save you some cash. Not including the captain and crew the charter operators generally allow six guests on their boats. 

The charter boats also offer you different fishing times to consider. The serious anglers would do well with a fishing charter option allowing for six or eight hours to fish. You must remember that your chance of getting the big catch you have been dreaming about increases with the number of hours you spend fishing. Do not forget to bring your camera on your fishing vacation because when you catch a hundred-pound blue marlin you are going to want a picture of yourself posing next to it. This is one memory you want to capture forever. Consider how hot it gets in Maui during the day and bring plenty of sun block lotion. You need to remember all this information about Maui sport fishing because they will ensure you have a fantastic time fishing on the beautiful coast of Maui, Hawaii.

Carla Arbuckle
Carla Arbuckle

Carla is a staff writer for and She is an avid outdoors enthusiast and photographer. She can be found most weekends fishing and exploring the wilderness.