Tips for Catching Trout in Every Season

Trout fishing is one of the most enjoyable pastimes on the planet. The thrill that shoots through you when you hook a rainbow, brook or brown trout is overpowering at times. If you want to experience the delights of trout fishing, it is good to know how to hook these delicious fish no matter what time of year it is. Keep reading to learn how to catch trout every season of the year.


The rebirth that occurs each spring sends anglers scrambling to hook trout with the warming of the weather. Since the river water levels are high and cold during the spring, you will find better luck landing trout in smaller streams where the water is shallower and warmer. It is important to know that the peak temperature for trout fishing is between 50-68 degrees Fahrenheit. Fishing water outside of this temperature will require more skill and precise casting. Like every season, make sure to check your local fishing regulations to see when trout fishing season occurs in the spring.


As the weather warms up in the summertime, you need to get up early in the day or go late in the evening to enjoy prime trout fishing temperatures. During the heat of the day, it is simply too hot for the fish to bite. You will experience a lot of waiting and frustration if you try to fish for trout in the midday summer heat. If the only free time you have is when it is hot, head for deep water with cooler temps where the trout will be more likely to feed. Remember that trout get stressed out when the water temperature is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid fishing when the water is hot to help keep the trout population healthy.


There is no better time to go trout fishing than in the fall. The trout begin to eat heavily during this season to prepare for spawning, and you will reap the rewards as the fish aggressively chase your bait. With the cooling water temperatures, the fish feed all day and you can enjoy fishing no matter what time of day you have a chance to go after trout during the fall.


Some folks refuse to fish for trout during the wintertime because the water is too cold for them too handle, but the fish still need to eat even if the water is frigid. Just make sure to check for the rivers that are open for legal trout fishing during the winter. There are not loads of them, but you can find great trout fishing on the Deschutes River in Oregon and on the Madison River in Montana most winters. Keep in mind that you need to be patient when you are fishing during the winter because the trout won’t move much to go after your bait. In-line spinners work well with spin-casting gear during the winter. If you cast into deep pools or slow-moving eddies, you will have good luck landing trout with a slow retrieve in cold water.

Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

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