Arbor knot

An Arbor Knot is not difficult to learn how to tie to your fishing line. It can be easily used to secure your line to your fishing reels spool on all different types of reels. Whether you are using a bait casting reel, a spinning reel, or a fly reel learning to tie an Arbor Knot is advantageous. The goal of this particular knot is not the belief that your line will steadily hold in the event a fish takes your line down to the very end of your reel spool because this is not going to happen. An Arbor Knot simply gives you something that is strong enough for you to hold onto if your rod and reel go overboard and you need something you can effectively use to pull it up by using your line. 
The instructions for tying an Arbor Knot are basically simple and easy to follow. You begin the process by wrapping your line around the arbor of your spool.
Step 1:
You begin the process by wrapping your line around the arbor of your spool. You must make certain this is done with the tag end of your line.

Step 2:
 The next step is to tie a very simple overhand knot right around the standing part making certain this includes the tag end. You will then tie your second overhand knot in the tag end and be sure the knot is only an inch or two from the first overhand knot you tied.

Step 3:
 For the next step you simply pull the standing part of your line so it slides your first overhand knot down all the way to your spool and causes your second knot to jam directly against your first knot.

Step 4:
 To complete the process just trim your tag end closed.

Step 5:

Our Take:

The Uni Knot is also extremely effective when you require something to tie your line in the event you do need to reel it in. One of the positive aspects of a Uni Knot is it only requires one or two wraps instead of the five or six usually necessary to tie onto your hook.
Carla Arbuckle
Carla Arbuckle

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