The Advantages of the Slim Beauty Knot

The Slim Beauty Knot is commonly used by tarpon fishermen because it is a very striong knot that is easy to tie. It also makes an ideal substitute for the Bimini Twist knot. The Slim Beauty Knot is used for joining not only different materials bout also different diameters. It is an especially useful knot when tying a large tippet to the main line. This knot originated in the Key West in the 1990s and quickly caught on because of its strength and the fact that it is an easy knot to master. It is an ideal knot for joining slippery braided lines and monofilament leaders together.

The Slim Beauty knot can be used to join small diameters to large ones as well as braided to mono lines. It is a very versatile knot that is straight and compact once the knot is completed start to finish. The amount of turns can vary and you will have to experiment to get the precise knot that you are are looking for.
Step 1:
In order to construct the Slim Beauty Knot you need to start off with making a double overhand knot in the very end of the leader.

Step 2:
Then you need to pull the knot slightly tight in order to form a figure eight design.

Step 3:
Then double 15-24" of main line and then pass through both loops of the figure eight that you created earlier. Wrap for a count of four times down the leader and then three times again.

Step 4:
Next you need to pass the loop through the first gap that was created by the wraps. Now you can tighten down on the figure eight knot in the leader. Make a fast steady pull with both the doubled main line and the leader before trimming off the loop and tag ends of the double line.
Step 5:
Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

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