Iowa Fishing License


Iowa presents some of the best fishing opportunities in the Midwest. There are literally thousands of lakes, ponds, rivers and reservoirs stocked with abundance of panfish such as bluegill and crappie. There are lakes that are popular for catching trout, northern pike, walleye and muskie. Interior rivers are home to huge catfish and smallmouth bass. Avid anglers are well aware purchasing an Iowa fishing license before packing their gear to fish. The rules and regulations setup by the Iowa Bay fishing regulations depend on the area where you wish to fish and the specie you intend on catching.

Procuring an Iowa fishing license may be done online through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website. Fishing licenses may also be bought in brick and mortar offices of fishing license agents in Iowa.

Fishing rules and regulations are strictly observed and enforced to ensure the legacy of future generations. Since not all fishing sites appear to have the same set of fishing rules and regulations, all anglers are encourage to read said set of rules and by-laws.

Residents of Iowa are entitled to free annual fishing license if their yearly household income is below the federal poverty line set by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Those who are over 65 years old and those who are permanently disabled do not have to buy an IA fishing license too. Presentation of proof of age, income and permanent disability benefits is required.

Conscientious anglers help in the conservation and preservation of natural resources. A responsible angler must follow basic fishing guideline to help lessen the negative impact of the earth's reserves, making sure he does his part in the conservation process. Educating others about importance of protecting the environment and wildlife is part of the efforts.