Kansas Fishing License


Considered a heartland of the United States, Kansas has some of the best waters for fishing. Its many ponds, lakes, rivers, reservoirs and outlets are healthily populated by species such as largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, flathead catfish, blue catfish, northern pike, striped bass, paddle fish, crappie, and white bass. Unless otherwise exempted, anglers are required to buy a Kansas fishing license before setting out on a fishing trip to Milford Reservoir or Eisenhower State Park or even along the banks of Kansas Rive.

In just a few clicks, you can avail of a KS fishing licenses online. For those who are not as tech savvy, a quick visit to the office or shop of a licensed agent or the Kansas Department Wildlife & Parks office are options.

Kansas has its own set of fishing regulations and rules to better address the maintenance, conservation and preservation of its water and fish resources. Note that there are specific rules and regulations pertaining to each water way and fish species. It is best to keep a current copy of pertinent KS fishing regulations in your person when fishing.

Kansas rulings regarding the practice of catch and release is a step forward towards the conservation and protection of the natural resources. The type of tools and tackles used in fishing is also important as an unmatched tackle will harm fish. Certain tools for the release of fish should also be used for the protection of fish.