West Virginia Fishing License

West Virginia

You need a fishing license to legally cast a lure in West Virginia and buying one from an approved West Virginia fish and game licensing agent is easy. All you have to do is go over a tackle shop or outdoor sports shop to procure one. However, if you don't have the time to personally secure a fishing license you can purchase yours from the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources' website. Once you have paid for your license, print it and you can start fishing for muskellunge, northern pike, rainbow trout or smallmouth bass from any of West Virginia's freshwater body of water.

As there are different fishing licenses available for residents and non-residents, make sure you know what type you are prefer. A lifetime fishing license is more practical for avid anglers.

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources employs fish and game agents to see to it that WV fishing regulations and laws are enforced. If not, the possibility of depleted fish populations is increased and might eventually be endangered. Each angler must be responsible enough to know current fishing laws before going on a fishing trip.

Preserving and conserving the fish populations and waterways is everyone's responsibility. We must all work together to ensure that the fish populations remain healthy. How? One way is to practice correct catch and release technique to make sure that released fish will thrive. Anglers must make sure that they use the appropriate equipment (tackle and hook) in quickly landing a fish. Note that if you intend to take a photo of a caught fish before releasing it, make sure you hold the fish horizontally with wet hands.