With over 27,000 miles of fishable streams and 4,200 crystal-clear lakes, Wyoming is the best fishing and fly fishing destination. Some of the hot fishing spots in Wyoming include the Alcova Reservoir in Natrona County Park and the Glendo Reservoir in Glendo State Park with Yellowstone Park as the most popular fishing destination. Some of the fish species found in the waters of Wyoming are sunfish, yellow perch, crappie, whitefish, sturgeon, pike, walleye, bass, catfish, salmon and trout. But before one can fish in the state, a fishing license is required.

Securing a fishing license is quite easy online or from any approved fishing license agent in the locality. Before buying a license it is best to read through the different types of fishing license available in Wyoming. For really avid resident anglers, a long-term fishing license is more practical and cost-efficient.

Fish laws and regulations are set up and implemented to preserve and conserve the fish populations. Fishing regulations and rules discuss the different types of fishing license available, as well as types of fishing gear and tackle, size limits, bag limits and fishing seasons. In some cases additional rules are applicable on specific waterways and fish species.

The conservation and preservation of fish populations and waterways are prime consideration of the state. Waterways with dwindling fish population are stocked to ensure that the fish populations thrive for future anglers. An angler must take care to practice proper fishing etiquette and follow all the fishing rules and regulations to help conserve the fish and waterway resources.