Washington Fishing License


Whether you are fishing with the kids for crappies at Potholes Reservoir or sport fishing for salmon in the Pacific Northwest, the state of Washington has much to offer. Skagit River is home to five varieties of salmon and two varieties of trout. Interesting runs of Coho, Chinook, pink, sockeye and chum in this river. But before you pack your gear and leave for that much-anticipated fishing trip, you need a Washington fishing license.

You can purchase your fishing license online from the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife on a 24/7 basis. After printing the ticket, you can now legally go fishing. If you prefer to source your fishing license from a legitimate vendor personally, then most tackle and outdoor sports shops are authorized license vendors.

Fishing laws and regulations are in place to help in the conservation of fish populations. There rules are explicit about the allowable daily size limits, bag limits, weight limits and so on. These rules and regulations must be strictly implemented to help in the state drive effort to maintain healthy fisheries and habitats.

Everyone must do his part in the conservation program of Washington. One way of contributing is to understand applicable regulations pertaining to conservation efforts. For one, you can always educate very young anglers that need guidance on the proper method of fishing as well as correct catch and release methods.