Louisiana is considered one of the top fishing grounds in the country. Some might even say the world. Fresh and saltwater fishing is afforded in the state with its thousands of acres of waterways. There are bayous, lakes, rivers, estuaries, reservoirs for freshwater fishing. The long stretch of coast along the Gulf of Mexico is great for saltwater fishing.

Before hooking the first largemouth bass or bluegill in Bayou Segnett or Red River, a Louisiana license is required. Purchasing this online or by phone from the Department of Wildlife is quick and easy. An authorization number is then given after purchase. There is a fishing license age requirements in Louisiana and stipulations on slot limits and bag limits.

There fishing regulations and laws set by the state for the protection and conservation of its waterways and fish populations. There are specific fishing regulations for zones and named waterways that are subject to change based on current standing and assessment of fish populations.

Conservation and preservation of the fish populations in Louisiana is priority. Off shore fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is best for catching grouper and snapper but one must learn the proper catch and release technique of these deep water fish so as not to hurt them. Note that deep water fish could suffer from decompression when brought to the surface. By using a descender or ventin too, the survival rates of deep water fish increases and their survival rates after release.