Massachusetts has great potential when it comes to fishing locations. Martha's Vineyard is home to an old-timer striped bass. Cape Cod is the spot to be to catch bluefish. Fearing Pond is teeming with largemouth bass. Ipswich River has a rich population of trout whereas Spectacle Pond is the best place to catch bullheads. But before gearing for the fishing trip, it is best to find out which type of fishing license is best suited and find out if additional saltwater fishing permit is necessary.

Massachusetts fishing license can be purchased online from the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game website. The money procured from fishing license is partly used for the conservation efforts of the state.

Massachusetts has its own set of fishing regulations, as all states do. Additional fishing laws and regulations on particular waterway may be applicable and may be subject to changed based on the present assessment of the fish population. Responsible anglers should know and abide by the fishing regulations and rules.

Conservation must be factored in when fishing. An angler must have a working knowledge of fish species he intends to catch so that he will know the angling technique best suited for the fish. Knowing the behavior of fish will better equip the angler in making decisions regarding the releasing of fish based on its age or size.