There are over 11,000 inland lakes in Michigan and when these lakes take their course to open waters the term "gone fishing" should have the added clause " and don't know when will be back". The waters of Michigan are some of the best in the world of freshwater fishing. The Great Lakes offer some of the best salmon catch. The Au Sable River is perfect to fly fish for trout. The inland lakes and estuaries are teeming with various species of bass, walleye, sunfish, perch, crappie, carp, pike, catfish and more.

During the Free Fishing Weekend, all fishing license fees are waived for two days. However, after this event, purchasing a Michigan fishing license is required. This can be purchased form the Michigan Department of Natural Resources' website or from any legitimate fishing license vendor such as an outdoor sporting goods retailer or a tackle shop in the area.

Michigan's fishing rules and regulations were formulated and strictly implemented for the protection and propagation of healthy fish populations. These regulations may be modified from time to time to synch with present fishing conditions so it is important to for an angler to read current fishing rules and regulations for each fishing trip.

The conservation of the fish populations and the many waterways of Michigan is priority. Each one is highly encouraged to join this movement. One way an angler can help is to make sure his catch and released technique is correct. This will ensure that all caught and released fish will thrive once back in the water. The use of release tools such as dehookers, rubberized mesh nets and such will help in decreasing the stress on the caught fish.