New Mexico's rivers, streams, tributaries, dams and even high mountain meadow creeks offer some of the best year-round fly fishing across the country. There is a variety of freshwater fish, more so of trout varieties. The Rio Grande Cutthroat and Gila are local trout varieties much coveted by anglers. Cochiti Lake has a rich population of largemouth bass as well as rainbow trout and brown trout. But before you can cast your line, you have to buy a New Mexico fishing license.

There's no need to troop to a tackle shop or outdoor sports equipment shop to purchase a fishing license from a legitimate vendor. You can just visit the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish website for online transaction. The fees collected serve as additional funding for the habitat development efforts and conservation programs of the state.

Fishing laws and regulations are formulated and strictly implemented for the preservation and protection of the fish populations and waterways. Without these guidelines, depletion or extinction of certain fish species is most likely. Changes in existing laws and regulations are possible to meet current needs and situations of a particular waterway or fish species. These regulations also indicate bag limits, size limits, gear regulations, fish seasons and more.

Everyone can contribute in the preservation and conservation efforts of the fish populations and their habitats. If each angler takes care of his fishing spot by not littering and populating the water, that is one step towards conservation. If you practice the proper catch and release technique, then the chances of survival for a released fish is assured.