With over 808 lakes and more than 7,000 miles of streams and rivers, Vermont offers first-class fishing opportunities for anglers of all ages, interests and capabilities. There are more than 90 fish species thriving in the waters of Vermont, some of which are varieties of bass, crappies, trout, walleye, salmon and muskies. But before you plan a fishing trip you need to buy a VT fishing license. The fees collected are used for fishery management, protection and conservation education, habitat development and other related programs.

You can always buy a fishing license online through the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department's website. Once paid, you can print the license right away. It is also possible to buy a fishing license from an approved fishing license agent based in a tackle shop or outdoor sporting goods store in your area.

Fishing laws and regulations are in place to protect the fish populations and their habitat. It is quite rewarding to catch a big rainbow trout from a Vermont stream but there are rules relating to these so it is best to read current fishing laws and regulations. Also included in the set of rules are the legal bag limits, size limits and fishing seasons.

It is every angler's responsibility to contribute to the protection and conservation of fish populations and waterways. How? You can always strictly follow fishing rules and regulations, practice correct catch and release methods, catch only the fish that you will eat, mentor new anglers on ethical fishing practices and so on. By adhering to the fishing laws, you are doing your part in protecting and conserving the fish populations and waterways.